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Presenter Profile

Addie Gaines
Principal, Kirbyville Elementary School
Kirbyville R-VI School District
Deb Horr
Kindergarten Teacher, Kirbyville Elementary School
Kirbyville R-VI School District

Purpose and Perks

  • Students and parents share in the joy of the learning process and the pride of personal achievement
  • Different from open house
  • Different from traditional conferences
  • Student ownership for learning: reviewing, reflecting, goal setting
  • Builds critical/evaluative thinking skills
  • Builds student communication, organization and presentation skills in an authentic context
  • Parents see/experience authentic student learning
  • Parents see/experience learning from the student's viewpoint
  • Parents/students interact

Perfectly Positive

  • All students have learned and grown and it is worthy of celebration
  • Student and parent pride in progress
  • Not the time to address academic, behavioral or other concerns


  • Online resources provided for teachers to learn more about student-led conferences
Student-Led Conferences
An excellent resource with a sample parent letter, conference outline, student reflection piece, and conference evaluation tools for parents.
Teacher Tips for Student-Led Conferences
A teacher explains how she conducted SLCs in grades two to four.
Kindergarten Students Use PowerPoint to Lead Conferences
NAESP article that details the process that a teacher and tech coordinator used to develop a successful integrated technology project that enabled kindergarten students to facilitate their own parent conferences.
ProTeacher Blog re: SLCs
Discussion between teachers regarding SLCs

Video of a kindergarten student conducting a SLC.

  • Whole group meeting to clarify purpose of SLCs/brainstorm ideas for how it would look at KES
  • Selected theme- Passport to Success-Celebration of Learning
  • Decided to use student "passports" to structure visits schoolwide
  • Grade level teachers worked collaboratively to design the experience at each grade level
  • Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promoting Participation

  • School and grade level newsletters
Overview of SLCs
"Save the date" (pg 2)
elem ex 01-15-10.pdf
Theme, Why?
Parent's Role? (pg 2)
elem ex 02-12-10.pdf
Child's role? Teacher's role?
What if I need individual conf? (pg 2)
elem ex 02-19-10.pdf
When? Where? How? What if I have an ind. conf?
Review of why... (pg 2)
elem ex 02-26-10.pdf

Performance Event

    • Third Grade

Parent and Student Response

  • Parents stated that they enjoyed the focus on the positive
  • Parents felt that they really understood what and how their child was learning
  • Parents were impressed at how much their children had learned
  • Parents were impressed with their children's projects and use of technology
  • Children loved having their parents' attention.
  • Children had fun sharing their "school world"
  • Children were very, very proud of their accomplishments
  • Families found navigating the activities was easy to understand with the passport structure

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